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When & Where: 4pm & 7pm - 27th April 2018 at New Life Presbyterian Church.

Subject: The Teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ - The Resurrection of the Just (4pm) - The Stone of Israel (7pm)

Speaker: Mr Brian McClung


Watching and Waiting

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Watching and Waiting (Light for Perilous Times) Apr/Jun 2017

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EU Referendum

Europe in Bible Prophecy

The subject of Europe is very prominent in the news at present and that interest has only increased not diminished since the outcome of the EU referendum has been decided.

We are constantly being told by all political leaders what this result means? What is going to happen now? And where it will all lead? It seems that everyone has an opinion to give or a statement to make on the subject! All of which has only led to greater confusion, division and uncertainty.

But the question that should concern us as Bible believing Christians is - what saith the Scriptures? What does the Word of God have to say on the subject of the future of Europe? That should be our response to every situation and subject in life and our nation's membership of the European Union should be no different.

Despite what many think or say, even many Christians, the Word of God has much to say about the future of Europe and the Nations around the Mediterranean Sea. God has not left us in the dark with regard to these things. In the prophetic Scriptures God has given us a full description of things to come.

In summary - this Union of Nations will:

  • Bring to a close the Times of the Gentiles spoken of by the Lord Jesus (Luke 21:24).
  • It will be a revival of the old Roman Empire (Daniel 2:28, 33, 41- 43 & 7:24).
  • It will cover the same area around the Mediterranean Sea as the old Roman Empire. An area known to students of Prophecy as the Roman Earth or the Prophetic Earth (Daniel 7:2 & 3 & Luke 2:1).
  • When it reaches its final formation it will be divided into ten regions (Daniel 2:41 & 7:24).
  • It will ultimately become the Kingdom of the Anti-Christ and only those who take his mark will be able to buy or sell (Revelation 13:15-17).
  • It will be destroyed by the Coming again of the Lord Jesus (Dan 2:44 & 45).

The Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony (SGAT) has borne witness to this Prophetic Truth for almost one hundred years without any need to revise its message or outlook as world events have changed.

In the light of all that the Lord has revealed to us about the future of Europe we believe that this is something of which no Christian would want to be a part.

For those interested in studying this subject further we invite you to order our recordings and literature, especially BW Newton's classic book - Prospects of The Ten Kingdoms of the Roman Empire. Or to receive our quarterly magazine, Watching and Waiting.

All inquiries should be made to our secretary, Mr Stephen Toms, 1 Donald Way, Chelmsford, Essex, England, CM2 9JB.

The SGAT Committee

EU Referendum

There is real reason to be thankful to Almighty God for the result of the vote in the referendum. He it is that has heard and answered prayer about this matter. However, the state of the nation makes the words of the following hymn very applicable.

Miss Steele's Hymn

The COMMON MARKET and its future or The Coming Federation of Europe and Afro-Asia

The Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony is making this article available in light of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum scheduled to take place on 23rd June 2016.

  • The Dream of Europe, page 1
  • Should Britain join the Common Market? by Alan D. Toms, page 6
  • The Common Market in the light of Prophetic Scripture by James Payne, page 9
  • E.E.C.: Principles of Commerce as shown in Zechariah 5 by B.W. Newton, page 14

The COMMON MARKET and its future or The Coming Federation of Europe and Afro-Asia

Bible Lands in Bible Light

Our Bible Lands in Bible Light series has been added to our Sermon Audio eDocs page. We have also added 'A Divine Forecast Of Jewish History' by David Baron.

The Bible Lands in Bible Light series (all 11 booklets) are also available to purchase from our store.

Bible Lands Series

BW Newton’s Works

Due to the generous gift of a kind friend, the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony has been enabled to arrange the republication of some of Mr Benjamin Wills Newton’s extremely valuable works which, sadly, have been out-of-print for many years.

The books that have now been reprinted are (1) ‘Aids to Prophetic Enquiry;’ (2) ‘Babylon and Egypt’ (full title, ‘Babylon: Its Future History and Doom, With Remarks on the Future of Egypt and Other Eastern Countries’); (3) ‘Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms of the Roman Empire;’ (4) ‘Thoughts on the Apocalypse;’ (5) ‘The Millennium and Israel’s Future;’ (6) ‘David, King of Israel;’ and (7) ‘Lectures on the Romans.’ All seven books are in hardback.

These are books which every pastor and preacher should possess and read, but we heartily recommend them to the whole Christian public. We are glad to be able to put these works into circulation again as it is shameful that so many believers, including preachers, are so ignorant of prophetic truth, which is so relevant in these present solemn times.