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When: 28th January 2022 at 7pm

Subject: How are we to watch for the Lord's coming?

Speaker: Mr Ivan Foster

Authors beginning with 'B'

  • Faith is The Victory - Study in the Prophecy of Habakkuk Jack Barkey £1.25 Buy Now
  • So All Israel Shall Be Saved Jack Barkey £1.25 Buy Now
  • Israel's Inalienable Possessions David Baron £1.50 Buy Now
  • The Jewish Problem David Baron £1.50 Buy Now
  • Joseph David Baron £0.50 Buy Now
  • Led of God From darkness Into Light - a Testimony David Baron £0.20 Buy Now
  • Sacred Calendar of the History of Redemption as in Leviticus 23 David Baron £0.05 Buy Now
  • Cast Away from Salvation, or, Disapproved in Service? Cecil Yates Biss £0.75 Buy Now
  • Judges - Hard Words for Hard Times Cecil Yates Bliss £3.00 Buy Now
  • Suretyship: Human and Divine Cecil Yates Biss £0.75 Buy Now
  • That Blessed Hope Cecil Yates Biss £1.25 Buy Now
  • The Things Contained in the Ark of the Covenant Cecil Yates Biss £0.75 Buy Now
  • Things Which Must Be - Lectures on the Book of the Revelation Cecil Yates Biss £1.25 Buy Now
  • Inspired Words Realised S J B Bloxidge £1.25 Buy Now
  • The Development of Antichrist Andrew Bonar £4.00 Buy Now

  • Sadly, due to a misunderstanding, the above book was republished as if the author was Dr Andrew A. Bonar, the well-known brother of Dr Horatius Bonar. Since the book was reprinted, it had been ascertained that it is, in fact, the work of a different gentleman, who has the same name and shared similar convictions concerning prophetic truth. The Council of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony sincerely apologises for any confusion which may have been caused. However, it has to be acknowledged that the value of the book lies in the truth it promotes rather than in the personality of the author. (Published by the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony in 1998).
  • The Old Testament Saints Horatius Bonar £0.05 Buy Now
  • The Millennium and the Everlasting State Horatius Bonar £0.10 Buy Now
  • A Warning Against Spiritualism Archibald G Brown £0.25 Buy Now
  • The Coming of the Lord - Parousia, Epiphaneia, Apokalupsis Robert Brown £0.25 Buy Now
  • The Covenant of Grace Robert Brown £0.50 Buy Now
  • Popery-A Gigantic Swindle of the Devil Robert Brown £1.75 Buy Now
  • The Christian's Pathway in Relation to Modern Christianity A I Birch £0.20 Buy Now
  • A Commentary on the Book of Psalms - 2 Volumes William De Burgh £28.00 Buy Now
  • Israel's Conversion - When? Herbert W Butt £0.30 Buy Now

A Commentary on the Psalms by William De Burgh

Critical, Devotional and Prophetical: with the Text of the Authorised Version, Metrically Arranged, according to the Original Hebrew.

"A second-advent interpreter, and one of the best of his class. Highly esteemed..." was the verdict of Charles Haddon Spurgeon, in his Commenting and Commentaries. Indeed, he uses several quotes from William De Burgh in his own treatise on the Psalms - The Treasury of David. AR Fausset (of Jamieson, Fausset and Brown] also refers to 'his valuable commentary on the Psalms'.

A Commentary on the Psalms by William De Burgh A Commentary on the Psalms by William De Burgh